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Local Culture

1. Yangshao and Longshan culture

Heze is the original place of Yangshao and Longshan culture. Meanwhile, Confuscism and Taoism,Qilu      culture and Zhongyuan (centralChina) culture, ocean culture and continental culture mingled here.

2. Best Peony in the World

Heze is the largest peony production, research,export and visual base with the most numerous variety in the world. The cultivated area of peony is 250,000 mu (16667) with 9 colors, 10 flowerpatterns and 1237  varieties. Peony industry has become the distinguishedfeature of Heze.

3. Famous Local Drama

Local drama plays animportant role in Heze people’s life. People like to sing one or two sentences whenthey do housework or even walk on the way.

4. Magisterial Martial Art

Heze has the tradition of chivalry. Many characters in the famous novel Water Margin are based on Heze  people. Through the years, there areseveral martial schools as Long Fist, Tai Chi, Eight Diagrams Palm.

5. Well-known Calligraphy and Painting

Heze is famous for Peony, the national flower in China. Therefore, it become thetheme of painting and attracts people with its magnificence.

6. Outstanding Folk Art

Lunar new year’spainting, paper cutting, dough sculpture, paper-made characters and devices are called “four miracles”.