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Ten Discipline Groups


    1. Peony Industry  

       The peony cultivating technology of new species  

       Deep processing and food processing of peony product  

       Peony arts and crafts  

    2. Teachers’ Education  

       Preprimary education  

       Primary education  

       Subjects education of junior middle school  

    3. Energy and Chemical Engineering  

       Coal chemical engineering  

       Petrochemical engineering  

       Fine chemical engineering and high molecular material  

    4. Pharmaceutical Engineering  

       Biological pharmacy  

       Bioscience research  

       Biotechnology research  

    5. Mechatronics  

       Mechatronic engineering and electromechanical equipment  

       Science and technology of electronic information  

       Material modeling  

    6. Modern Agriculture  

       Special agriculture  

       Facilities for agricultural science and engineering  

       Food science and engineering  

    7. Commerce Logistics and Management  

       Logistics management  

       Regional economy and industry  

       Labor and social security  

    8. Culture Industry  

       Information media  

       The inheritance and development oftraditional culture and art  

       The inheritance and development of traditional martial art  

    9. Information Technology  

       Information technology and application  

       Things network engineering  

       Software engineering  

   10. Architecture, Town and Country Planning  

       Human geography, town and country planning  

       Construction materials and engineering  

       Landscape and gardening