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Introduction of Heze University

Heze University is located in Heze City, southwest of Shandong Province. Heze City, bordering on the Yellow river, is the origin of Chinese nation. It is located in southwest of Shandong, bounded on by Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui. Through the Eurasian Continental Bridge, it can reach the east and west of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it owns a strategic position, connecting the south to thenorth and linking the east to the west. The Historical Records named it as“central of China”. President Xi Jinping called it “hometown of Fu Xi and birthplace of Yao and Shun”. Heze City is the original place of Yangshao and Longshan culture. Meanwhile, Confuscism and Taoism, Qilu culture and Zhongyuan(central China) culture, ocean culture and continental culture mingled here. It covers an area of 12239 square kilometers with a population around 10 million. Many famous people such as Queen of Han Dynasty Lv Zhi, philosopher Chuang Tzu,militarist Sun Bin, educator He Siyuan, first lady Peng Liyuan, champion ofmartial art Zhang Yuping and basketball player Mu Tiezhu are born at Heze. HezeCity is called Chinese City of Peony. Besides, it is praised as hometown ofChinese Opera, hometown of martial art, hometown of calligraphy and painting,hometown of folk art. Heze is the largest peony production, research, exportand visual base with the most numerous variety in the world. The cultivatedarea of peony is 250,000 mu (16667) with 9 colors, 10 flower patterns and 1237varieties. Peony industry has become the distinguished feature of Heze.  

HezeUniversity is located in north part of Heze, southwest of Heze Peony Garden. Itis a provincial full-time undergraduate university with a history of 67 years.At the beginning of 1949, the Second Normal School in Jiluyu District was setup. In August 1949, it is renamed Pingyuan Provincial Heze Normal School. From December 1952, it is called Heze First Normal School, Shandong Province. In August 1958, it is rebuilt as Heze Specialized Normal School. Heze Universityis set up in 2004 on basis of five colleges: Heze Normal School, Heze Education College, Heze Radio and Television University, Heze Teachers’ Training College and Heze Agricultural College. Since then, Heze university has successfully changed from a local specialized school to a provincial undergraduate university, from a specialized normal school to a comprehensive university. Themotto of the Heze University is “修德笃学,求是创新” ( which means “Virtue, Diligence, Truthand Innovation”). With the support from government and concerted effort of allthe staff, the university develops very fast in recent years.  

Now, Heze University has four campuses, covers an area of 1506 mu (100.4 hectares),building area 598,000 square meters, apparatus and equipment for teaching andscientific research which worth 10.6 million RMB. It possesses 1.76 millionbooks, over 2200 magazines and 1.48 million electronic books. At present, Heze University has 54 undergraduate majors and 40 specialty majors in 23 departments,involving 10 areas--literature, history, economics, law, science, engineering,agriculture, education, management and art. The 23 departments are Departmentof Social Science, Department of Literature and Communication, Department of Law, Department of Economic Management, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Art, Department of Music, Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer and Information Engineering, Department of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Departmentof Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Life Science, Department of Physical Education, Department of Resources and Environment, Department of Landscape Engineering, Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology,Department of Education Science, Department of Primary Education, Department of Preprimary Education, Department of Ideological and Political Theory,College of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering, College of Continuing Educationand College of Distance Education.  

There are 23072 full-time students receiving full-time education here and 6200 morefor continuing education from 25 provinces. It owns apparatus and equipment forteaching and scientific research which worth120 million RMB. It possesses 1.86 million books, over 2200 magazines and 1.48 million electronic books. Heze University has a working staff of 1583, among whom 1199 are full time teachers.788 have masters or doctors’ degree. 470 are professors and associate professors.One teacher was awarded national outstanding scientist; 3 enjoy State CouncilSpecial Allowance; 3 are young and middle-aged experts who make outstanding contribution to Shandong province; 2 are provincial chief experts of keydisciplines; 10 are provincial distinguished teachers. Besides, there are 3provincial excellent teaching teams.  

Besides,Heze University attaches importance to scientific research. There are 31 academic institutes and research center here, Institute of Higher Education, BiotechnologyResearch and Development Center, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Chemical Application of Natural Resources, Peony Engineering and TechnologyCenter, Research Center of Traditional Martial Art, Research Center of Folk Artin Southeast Lu District, Research Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Instituteof Logistics Management, Institute of Art in Southeast Lu District, Instituteof Automation, Institute of Special Crops, Research Center of Heze Historical Culture, Institute of Psychological Health Education, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Embedded System and Things Network, Institute of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Institute of Applied Technology ofMicroorganism, Research Center of Chinese Traditional Culture, Institute ofAnimal Epidemic Prevention, Research Center of Rural Economic Legal System Innovation, Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Product Processing, Instituteof Applied Electronics, Institute of Town and Country Construction, Instituteof Modern Business Operation Pattern, Institute of Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Science, Research Center of Heze Local Drama Music OralHistory, Research Center of Intellectual Property, Research Center of Huxi Red Culture, Research Center of Art of Li Ronghai, Research Center of Curriculum and Teaching of Elementary Education.  

So far,Heze University has built friendly cooperation relationship with more than 20 universities abroad in America, Canada, Japan, Australia and so on,establishing combined training program in the mode of “X+Y”, cultural experience, winter and summer camp.  

With the development of global education, Heze University, will stand firm in Heze City,and step into the world. It will successfully accomplish the task of producing highly qualified talents, doing scientific research and contributing to Heze City. Confidently and hopefully, Heze University will become better and better in the future.